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2017 Oerol Festival | Stolz trio | Leineroebana Dance Company

Herz Cycle | Portrait Concert | Orgelpark


Herz Cyclean epic journey into the sacred heart

Saturday 20 May 2017, 20.15, Orgelpark

Portrait Concert

Herz Cycle_website.jpg


Tangible (2005) – solo guitar
Herz Cycle (2015) and The Open Road (2008)

  1. We will sail (The open road)
    The apple tree (The Herb Garden)
    Mystic trumpeter (The open road)
    Dance (The Herb Garden)
  2.  Spin bird (The open road)
    Dies Irae (The Herb Garden)
    Telephone (The Herb Garden)
    Tarantella (The Herb Garden)
  3. I will be honest with you (The open road)
    Incantation (The Herb Garden)
    Lidy’s piece (The Herb Garden)
  4. We must not stop here (The open road)
    Journeyers (The open road)
    The open road (The open road)
    The herb garden (The Herb Garden)
  5. To that which is endless (The open road)

Pause: Lies Beijerinck – didgeridoo

  1. Synaesthesia Suite (2014)
  2. Bestiary (2016)
  3. The Dam (2015)


Lies Beijerinck, didgeridoo
Aart Strootman, guitar
Joe Puglia, violin
Meiyi Lee, percussion
Michaela Riener, voice
Geerten van de Wetering, organ
Zubin Kanga, piano
Marieke Schut, cor anglais (Stolz Trio)
Jellantsje de Vries, violin and viola (Stolz Trio)
Lidy Blijdorp, cello (Stolz Trio)
Clare Gallagher, sound engineer
Trevor Grahl, Production
Kate Moore, composer/ conductor

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13-12-2016 New Emergences: Breaking the Glass Ceiling | Splendor Amsterdam

Aesthetics, Politics, Philosophy and New Emergences in Current Electronic Music and Surroundings.
New Emergences is a lecture and discussion series highlighting the current debates around gender in electronic, contemporary and experimental music. Within these fields, it is increasingly necessary to give a platform to current advocates for under-represented voices. We believe it is important to expose existing biases that impede the richness of our diversity. By openly discussing how the current environment validifies our artistic works by the identification of our gender, we hope to challenge the existing conditions.

Kate Moore (AU/NL) – Composer of new music creating worlds of sound for acoustic and electroacoustic media. She also writes instrumental music, concert music, sound installations and more.

Henriëtte Post (NL) – Board of Directors at Fonds Podiumkunsten (FPK)
Joel Ryan (US/NL) – STEIM, Composer, inventor and scientist – a pioneer in the design of musical instruments based on real time digital signal processing
Rozalie Hirs (NL) – a composer and poet, whose work principally concerns the adventures of listening, reading and of the Imagination.

Anne La Berge (US/NL) – Composer/performer of electro-acoustic music based in Amsterdam

Doors open at 19:00
Event starts at 19:30 sharp
Free entry – Donations welcome

Keynote Presentation


Australian pianist Zubin Kanga with electronics artist Ben Carey, will premiere my work Bestiary for piano and electronics on tour in Australia in October 2016. This piece will be performed as one of a collection of pieces by composers from all over world. The program is entitle Cyborg pianist and will be performed at WAAPA, The Melbourne Recital Centre and The Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Bestiary is a sonic compendium of grotesque imaginary beasts, that float between heaven and hell. Epic and symbolic animals that are animated in music, twisting and twining around each other, writhing and seething in knotted ornaments with pulsating bodies of skin, fur, scales, feathers, hair, beaks, teeth, claws and nostrils. Drawing you in, they peep around the corner and look at you up and down as they guard the shadows with ferocious jealousy.

6. Phoenix from Aberdeen Bestiary.jpg


Kate Moore plays The Peace Cello made by Dutch luthier Saskia Schouten. The cello, completed in 2016, is Saskia’s 50th cello. It is marked by a Peace sign inlay made of Ebony and Peer. The peace sign commemorates the Bataclan attacks in France and the proceeds of this instrument have been donated to Musicians Without Borders. “War divides and music connects”.



Coral Speak (August 2016)

Coral Speak for Louise Devenish is a percussion suite of laments and playful dances in homage to the fragility of the Great Barrier Reef, where the corals are currently under threat due to climate changes and human intervention. Each piece imagines the colourful interplay of movement between the living corals, joyful sentient creatures celebrating the their idyllic surrounding and utopian waters. The pieces have a melancholic edge at the prospect of the corals retreating and dissipating as the water changes. The ebullient dance of life and beauty comes to an abrupt halt as it is silenced and abandoned, leaving behind a skeleton like a ruined underwater city that once thrived, never to return.

2016-08-13 14.10.54

Coral Speak instrument (July 2016) – handmade corals and reader to be performed by percussionist Louise Devenish.

red coral

Klagenfurt Vitkring Music Festival – July 2016

25 July 2016 Cellist Francesco Dillon premiered Rebellion for solo cello in a program featuring Australian composers including Liza Lim, Peter Sculthorpe and Matthew Schlomowitz. I had the great pleasure of visiting Mahler’s composing studio where he and Alma were in resident. The festival was Klagenfurt Vitkring Music Festival Austria.