Herz Cycle | Portrait Concert | Orgelpark

by Kate Moore Composer


Herz Cyclean epic journey into the sacred heart

Saturday 20 May 2017, 20.15, Orgelpark

Portrait Concert

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Tangible (2005) – solo guitar
Herz Cycle (2015) and The Open Road (2008)

  1. We will sail (The open road)
    The apple tree (The Herb Garden)
    Mystic trumpeter (The open road)
    Dance (The Herb Garden)
  2.  Spin bird (The open road)
    Dies Irae (The Herb Garden)
    Telephone (The Herb Garden)
    Tarantella (The Herb Garden)
  3. I will be honest with you (The open road)
    Incantation (The Herb Garden)
    Lidy’s piece (The Herb Garden)
  4. We must not stop here (The open road)
    Journeyers (The open road)
    The open road (The open road)
    The herb garden (The Herb Garden)
  5. To that which is endless (The open road)

Pause: Lies Beijerinck – didgeridoo

  1. Synaesthesia Suite (2014)
  2. Bestiary (2016)
  3. The Dam (2015)


Lies Beijerinck, didgeridoo
Aart Strootman, guitar
Joe Puglia, violin
Meiyi Lee, percussion
Michaela Riener, voice
Geerten van de Wetering, organ
Zubin Kanga, piano
Marieke Schut, cor anglais (Stolz Trio)
Jellantsje de Vries, violin and viola (Stolz Trio)
Lidy Blijdorp, cello (Stolz Trio)
Clare Gallagher, sound engineer
Trevor Grahl, Production
Kate Moore, composer/ conductor

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