The Crow 2019

The Crow (September 2019)

Commissioned by Orgelpark

The Crow, performed by Matthijs Koene on pan-pipes and Geerten van de Wetering on organ, is a compilation of chants and incantations paving the way through the song of this peculiar bird, for a journey to the other world. Kate Moore inspired by epic story cycles of Celtic Mythology, The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf and the Prose Edda. Through the character of the crow, a universal archetype, stories of light and dark, birth and death, earth and nature emerge through the powerful medium of music where myth, folk-lore and history are interwoven into a rich tapestry of imaginary landscapes, characters and happenings seen through the eyes of the mysterious and idiosyncratic archetype of the crow. The crow is a messenger from the other world, an ambassador for the unseen. Associated with fate and the pull between the forces of dark and light, the crow has been known to sing a rare song at the moment the soul passes to another realm.