Substance (2015)


For harp, clarinet, electronic instruments

Substance for harp, clarinet and electronics will be a concert piece of 15 minutes. The new work will be featured within a program exploring The Body from a multitude of facets and perspectives. The program explores how music relates to the body, philosophically, existentially and scientifically. The program seeks out the mystery of the body and the profanities that make it alive, evolve, decay and die. The music establishes a connection with the intricate inner workings the living organism in which we all exist.

Substance is a hypnotic, captivating sound world exploring invisible vicissitudes and underlying currents of substances and impulses found within the body. Music hauls the listener through inner cavities and subterranean caverns of an imagined body through which electricity bounds and liquid bursts, causing pulsing tidal waves to burst against walls, reefs, forests that lie concealed beneath the skin. The body comes to life through the alchemical transformation of substances from one to the next as they are processed, crystallized and expelled. The strings of the harp are the sinews and gut tightened and tempered to form resonance, the clarinet breathes sonic life into the instrument and the electronic instruments create digital resonance that combine, becoming one holistic sound. Using the software absynth and max/ msp to create fluctuating modal temperaments, the music will be nuanced with subtle sonic tides that sympathetically resonate with the surfaces of the instruments and different parts of the body.