Sad Melody | solo cello, 2020
From ‘Instant Loneliness’
commissioned by Amsterdam Cello Octet
Solo cello

The Mother | solo percussion with track, 2020
From ‘Bloodwood Series’
commissioned by APRA Art Music Fund
For Louise Devenish
Solo percussion

Bloodwood Variations | solo violin, 2020
From ‘Bloodwood Series’
commissioned by APRA Art Music Fund
For Anna McMichael
Solo violin

Lucidity: Eyes of Hands, 2018 (piano transcription)
commissioned by Bach Festival Dordrecht,
Transcribed for Vivian Choi
Solo piano

Godin, 2019
commissioned by Kate Ellis
Solo cello

Icarus song, 2019
commissioned by Ken Unsworth (Restraints project)
Solo double bass

Doodweg, 2017
Commissioned by The Australian National Carillon Society

Coral Speak, 2016
commissioned by Louise Devenish
Solo percussion with vibraphone, coral instruments and stereo track
Spel I
Spel II
Coral Cadenza
Spel III

Rebellion/ Tarantella, 2016 for viola
Commissioned by Stolz Quartet
for Jellantsje de Vries
arr. Solo cello for Francesco Dillon

Bestiary, 2016
commissioned by Zubin Kanga
Piano and electronics

Lidy’s Piece, 2016
commissioned by Stolz Quartet
Solo cello

Drie Segel Hat Mein Herz, 2015
Commissioned for Vox Sanguinis (November Music)
Voice and Electronics
Dur: 3′

Sliabh Beagh, 2015
Commissioned by Lisa Moore with assistance from The Australia Council for The Arts
Solo piano and voice
Dur: 15′

For Elyse, 2015
Commissioned by The National Carillon Association Canberra
Solo Cello and Carillon

Rose, 2015
Commissioned by The Holland Festival
solo Bassoon (also arranged for solo cello)
Dur: 1′

Bloodmoon October, 2014
Commissioned by Piano Spheres for pianist Aron Kallay
solo piano and electronics, duration: 10’00”

Synaesthesia Suite, 2014
Commissioned by Ben Remkes Cultuurfonds
performed by Joe Puglia (violin) and Kate Moore (electronics)
violin and electronics, duration: 17’00”

Heather, 2014
Commissioned by Julian Burnside QC for the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music premiered by Anna McMichael and Zubin Kanga
violin, piano, duration: 15’00”

Telephone (2014)
Written for Louis Andriessen 75 birthday
Two Trumpets
Dur: 4′

Dolorosa, 2014
Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten for Monica Germino and Frank van der Weij
Augmented violin, duration: 7’00”

Canon, 2013
written for Saskia Lankhoorn
Piano quartet, duration: 18’40”

The Hermit Thrush & The Astronaut, 2012
Commissioned by Hartt School/ University of Hartford with funds from the Faculty Development Fund for Robert Black
Double Bass, duration: 15’00”

The body is an ear, 2011
Commissioned by Stichting Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam
version one: Piano duo/ pipe organ duo/ Piano and recorded piano, dur: 12’00”

Velvet, 2010
Commissioned by The Australia Council for The Arts for TwoSense
Cello and piano, duration: 13’00”

Broken Rosary, 2010
(From Songs for Maria Epskamp)
Commissioned by The Holland Sinfonia
Cello and string ensemble
Dur: 4′

Spin Bird (2008)
solo piano
Dur: 4′

Sensitive Spot, 2005-2006
Commissioned by Modelo62
Piano and Electronics Dur: 9′

Zomer (2005)
solo piano
Dur: 2′

Tangible (2005)
solo guitar
Commissioned by Dan McKay
Dur: 15′

Red Flame Blue Flame (2003)
solo clarinet (Bb)
Commissioned by Apeldoorn Young Composer Meeting
Dur: 12′

Joy (2003)
solo piano
Dur: 11′

Melodrama, 2001
solo piano
Dur: 10′

Stories for Ocean Shells, 2000
solo piano
Dur: 9′

Homage to my boots, 1998
solo cello
Dur: 12′

Rain, 1998
solo snare drum
Dur: 9′