Psalm 3 (2019)

In setting the psalm, I found the music within the text, where the cantillation of the melody, sprang from the emotionality and deep resonance of the Psalm. Based upon the key of C minor, a dark key associated with suffering, the voices in canon grow from a solo mezzo voice, like branches of a tree riddled with knots. Distant portamenti between the voices, moving at different speeds, allude to the sirens of far-away emergency vehicles.

Psalm 3 is a harrowing and evocative plea from a place of despair where a broken leader prays for protection against his enemies. He knows that justice will be brought upon those named, whose evil ways cloud their higher judgement, because The Lord, creator, and protector of all can see all and will expose it. By calling out to The Lord, he upholds the faith that justice will be done, retribution against his enemies will be achieved and balance will once again be restored. In this, the divine king finds solace and comfort, finding peace within the storm.