Sacred Environment (2017) – Oratorio


Porcelain Project (2017) – Slagwerk Den Haag

2015-11-23 11.19.07

Herz Cycle (2016) – dance cycle performed by Stolz trio


Cello Concerto (2014)

_MG_8424©2014 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

2014 Cello Concerto by Kate Moore performed by Ashley Bathgate and Asko|Schoenberg with sculptures by Peter van Loon. Photo by Johan Nieuwenhuize

Stories for Ocean Shells (2015) – cello cycle performed by Ashley Bathgate


Dances and Canons (2014)- piano cycle performed by Saskia Lankhoorn

2344 XThe Open Road (2008) – song cycle performed by Michaela Riener

The Open Road