Piano Concerto with Vivian Choi

Space Junk


Saint Mary and the Spider – Villa la Pietra Florence –

2018 Music and Movement – violinist Joe Puglia – performing ao “Synaesthesia Suite” for violin and automatic instrument with the Fokker organ

2017 Matthijs Vermeulen Prize

2017 Porcelain

2017 Matthijs Vermeulen Prize

2017 Holland Festival Proms Sacred Environment

Stories for Ocean Shells performed by Ashley Bathgate in Sydney August 2017

Lisa Moore performs Sliabh Beagh at Peggy Glanville-Hicks House

Hague School December 2016

Debris and Alchemy – performed by Ensemble Klang at De Link NL “het stuk van Moore, dat zoals de titel al doet vermoeden, niet vrij is van mysterieuze en mystieke ondertonen”…/septem…/de-link-ensemble-klang.html

“I understand it, the music brings to mind for me a great landscape, huge rolling steppes to infinity, to an infinity of sadness and trouble.” Classical Nowhere…/stories-for-ocean…/

“The haunting, primordial arc of Ms. Bathgate’s cello line soared above the thick layers of eerie electronic sound..”
New York Times

Crossing the musical great divide Tanglewood and Bang on a Can – Boston Globe:

Canberra International Music Festival

“Much of the sonic chemistry of this music is evocative of endless landscapes, and one can almost visually conjure their spans and temporalities.”

“It channels the inner fire of things that must someday turn to ash”

“Captivating, without resorting to drama, Moore’s piece is utterly devoid of 20th century clichés.” Canberra International Music Festival – Velvet

“it crests in a giant tsunami of sound”

2014 The Art of Levitation – New York Times – review

“an aural feast, its opening theme blossoming into a gorgeous tapestry of sounds, rising and falling, expanding and contracting.”
2013 Sensitive Spot – The Grand Band – MLive – review

“a fascinating exercise in micro- and macro- rhythm, its small sections animated by repeated pulsations moving in and out of phase. These chunks of varying intensity threw attention onto a larger scale rhythm.”
2012 Ridgeway Sydney Morning Herald – review

“Ridgeway is a memorable 12-minute epic that reveals but does not bow down to its inheritance.” Realtime,lullabies-old-and-new.aspx

“her intent seems to be to create a dream, an alternative reality”
2010 Violins and Skeletons UT San Diego – review

“from the haze she creates, graceful, ambling melodies emerge and evaporate, and those give the music its allure.”
New York Times

“This was not complexity for its own sake, but a well designed musical tapestry in which the sum was greater than the total of its parts.”


Space Rocks

interview: Space Rocks, European Space Agency series with Mark McCaughrean

Sound Lab with Paul Steenhuisen

NRC Space Junk

Classikon – Piano Concerto

Limelight Magazine 2019: Cicadidae

Volkskrant Space Junk

NRC with Joep Christenhusz

Groen Amsterdammer with Jacqueline Oskamp

Interview with Rosalind Appleby

Gallop House residency Perth AU

City News Canberra – Matthijs Vermeulen Prize

Timbres edition 2017

Modern Muse BBC with Ashley Bathgate

September 2016 Stephen Adams with percussionist Louise Devenish – Coral Speak
Tura New Music ABC Classic FM #australianmusic

February 2016 Leine Roebana/ Stolz Quartet – Seele/ Herz

May 2015 Radio National – Australia – interview with Andrew Ford

VPRO Magazine – interview with Mark van der Voort

Interview – Rudi Martinus van Dijk Foundation

2014 The Art of Levitation – interview

2014 Mobile and SculptureAn Evening of Today with Nieuw Ensemble

2012 Fresh Talk International

2012 Radio National Interview with Andrew Ford

2012 Kate Moore Artist in Residence Theater Dakota

2012 Handmade Homegrown DTS Concert Series

2010 Den Haag – Cultuur in de stad

2010 5 Questions – I Care if You Listen

2009 Article: Resonate Magazine – Laughing Waters Artist-in-residence

2008 Article: Tour to China – ICWM

2001 Sound Waves – Floating sound sculpture with artist Jade Oakley – Noosa Floating Land Festival


Loud Mouth Magazine: Lost in a world of thought article

Along the landscape and Flowing Currents – booklet

Bosch Requiem – Program booklet


The Blindfold and the Glass Ceiling (citation….)
Porcelain (citation…)

Christenhuize J (2018), Along the landscape and flowing current, November Music Composer Portrait Series

Keynote: Monash University Gender Diversity Conference 2018

Ph.D Thesis The Point of Origin – Six Essays on Six Pieces

Moore, Sacred Environment, AMC Resonate Magazine 30-6-2017

Laughing Waters Artist in residence program 2009

Eclipsed Vision – a never ending song for everyone 2006 | Bundanon

Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Keynote Presentation about the address of gender discrimination in new music composition and the contemporary music industry – Splendor – Amsterdam December 2016

Grant Applications:

Bloodwood Series (Eximia)