Piano Concerto

Piano Concerto


For Vivian Choi

Duration: 32’ in three movements

Instrumentation: 2, 2, 2, 2 – 4, 3, 3, 1, solo piano, 2perc, str


Spanning the dramatic possibilities of the piano and the expanse of the spatial orchestral setting, the soloist and orchestra create an eerie, otherworldly music that is endless and infinite – a ghostly reminiscence of the desert of central Australia.


Composer Kate Moore and pianist Vivian Choi have worked together as musicians since the earliest years of their musical development for over twenty years. As a composer Kate is acquainted with Vivian’s musicianship more than anyone else, having written music for her and played chamber music with since the age of 12. Vivian, then already a mature musician, was an inspiration for Kate, whose ears were opened to the virtuosic and emotional language of the piano. Since those early years in Sydney, Kate and Vivian went on to become international professional musicians, demonstrating their expertise in their respective fields at the highest level.


The subject of the major work revolves around the word “desert”. The soundworld of the desert, having a connection with the landscape and soundscape of central Australia, is a point where the composer and performer meet. Their relationship to the country is complicated and unique.  Australia, being the country where Vivian and Kate’s musical heritage began, where they met and where they grew up together, had a profound influence on their creative voice.