Major works

Piano Concerto: Beatrice (2019)
Solo piano and Symphony Orchestra timp. 2perc. harp. solo piano, commissioned by Willoughby Symphony Orchestra for soloist Vivian Choi premiered 1&2 June 2019 at The Concourse Willoughby 24′

Space Junk(2019)
ASKO Schoenberg Ensemble
commissioned for the opening of the World Minimal Music Festival 2019
Sonification of data related to Space Debris courtesy to EOS Space Systems with thanks to De Christopher Moore 45′

Bosch Requiem: Lux Aeterna (2018)
Requiem premiered by Herz Ensemble, TEMKO, Wishful Singing, Capella Pratensis conducted by Jane Lang. Commissioned by November Music. Premiered for the opening concert of November Music 2018 (2 November 2018)
Duration: 60′

Bosch Requiem: VIVID: Lux Aeterna (2018)
Orchestral arrangement of the Requiem premiered by Willoughby Symphony conducted by Michelle Leonard. Commissioned by November Music. Premiered for the concert Eternity at the Concours 2019 (6-7 April 2019) in Sydney Australia
Duration: 60′

Porcelain (2015-2017)
Commissioned and performed by Slagwerk Den Haag – Handmade instruments designed and built by the composer at EKWC
Duration: 60′

Sacred Environment (2015-2017)
Oratorio premiered by Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Soloists Alex Oomens and Lies Beijerinck, conducted by Brad Lubman and Daniel Reuss
Duration: 40′

Herz Dance Cycle (2015-2016)
Dance cycle performed by The Stolz Trio – 60’
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Restraint(s) Dance Cycle (2017)
Dance cycle performed by Restraint(s) in house ensemble – 60’

Stories for Ocean Shells (2000-2015)
Cello cycle performed by Ashley Bathgate – 60’
[score and links]

Dances and Canons (2000-2013)
Piano cycle performed by Saskia Lankhoorn – 60’
[scores and links]

The Open Road (2008)
Song cycle – voice, harp, trumpet, organ performed by Michaela Riener, Eva Tebbe and The Open Road Ensemble – 60’
[score and links]

Debris and Alchemy (2009)
Ensemble Klang with organ – 30’

Violins and Skeletons (2010)
Four string quartets performed by The Calder Quartet with electronics – 60’

Cello Concerto (2010-2013)
Ashley Bathgate cello with ASKO | Schoenberg – 40’

Eclipsed Vision (2006)
A never ending song for everyone
Performance Installation