2014 The Art of Levitation
Performed by Alarm Will Sound

2016 Bestiary
Piano and Automatic Synthesized Organ | Performed by Zubin Kanga

2014 Cello Concerto
Solo Cello, Ensemble, Double Jaltarang, Porcelain Instrumnets, Mechanical Sound Sculptures | Performed by Ashley Bathgate and ASKO Schoenberg Ensemble

2013 House of Shards and Shadows
9 bass recorders | Performed by Susanna Borsch

2012 The Hermit Thrush and The Astronaut
Solo double bass | Performed by Robert Black

2012 Days and Nature
Large Ensemble | Performed by New European Ensemble conducted by Chrisitan Karlsen

2011 Fatal Strangers 
Electric Quartet | Performed by The United Instruments of Lucillin

2010 Violins and Skeletons
4 x String Quartet | Performed by The Calder Quartet

2009 Debris and Alchemy
Organ and Ensemble | Performed by Ensemble Klang

2003 101
Ensemble | Performed by Ensemble Klang

2000 Sketches of Stars
String Quartet | Performed by Ensemble Syntonia

2000 Sand
Electronic Music | Performed by Kate Moore |
Produced at The Australian Centre for Arts and Technology

Electronic Tracks: