Lidy’s Piece (2016)

Lidy’s Piece – Kate Moore (2016)

Written for cellist Lidy Blijdorp to be included in the Herz Cycle set for the Leine Roebana dance company, Lidy’s Piece is a whimsical dance piece and musical portrait of Lidy. It begins with a cadenza followed by a melody loosely based on lydian mode, telling a mysterious ancient tale that, like birdsong, cannot be deciphered. Speckled with natural harmonics, polyphony can be heard between high and low within the solo line, not unlike the complex multi-dimensional melodies woven into the single line of a Bach cello Suite. It winds up to a ferociously spinning maelstrom that stretches to the highest reaches of the cello, taking flight like a bird, transcending into the blue light of the sky.