Ivy (2020)

Ivy – mixed choir

Kate Moore 2020


Destruction and Regeneration


The imagery of the cracked and parched land of dry mud flats in a desert, ochre brown, yellow and red, desolate and vast, broken into hexagonal jigsaw shapes, stretching to the horizon, a place of ultimate destruction where no living organism can be seen. A place of calamity, and silence, poignant at the tipping point, at the moment of stillness held in pause, after the living has passed, lying dormant in dust. Nothing moves. Desolate and stark, palpable underground forces stir the curve before the rebound. A land springs back to life, blooming in colour as regeneration surges across the landscape chasing rivulets of water that stain the earth with the colour of tea and a green stems branch out like veins across the arid cover, gripping the earth with micro stalks, taking root in a network that unfurls deep emerald leaves, pungent vegetation mixed with the smell of steaming rain. Ivy breaks through the dust, limbs break and crack the surfaces. A land comes back to life, testament to the power of nature to heal, where death is resurrected in a cycle of ends and new beginnings. A choir of voices climb across the emptiness, piercing the silence, hungry for vitality, representing the power of nature to claim back her territory where the fertile soil once again returns to the living.