Instruments, sound sculptures and installations

Corymbia eximia: Bloodwood Series/ Fragile Memories, 2021
Porcelain sound sculpture
Created at EKWC
Commissioned by APRA Art Music Fund

Cassini sculpture, 2017
Suspended Porcelain sound sculpture
Created at EKWC and realised at Civitella Ranieri

Porcelain Project, 2016
Sound installation and percussion set up made from porcelain
Commissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag NL created at EKWC

Herz Cycle Sound Sculptures, 2016
Site-specific sound installation for Stolz Trio and Leine Roebana Dance Company
Commissioned by Stolz NL

Coral Speak, 2016
Reconfigured music box, contact mic and coral instruments
Commissioned by Louise Devenish WA

Electric Mudflutes, 2015
Instrument/ sculpture and performance piece
Bundanon artist residency and traveling project

Bone China, 2014
Ceramic sound sculpture/ musical automata
Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten NL for November Music

<p><a href=”″>Bone China 2014</a> from <a href=”″>Kate Moore</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

To That Which is Endless, 2013
Hanging Ceramic sound sculpture/ mobile
for Museum Nacht – HOOP

Zandorgel, 2010
sand organ sound sculpture instrument
built with Frank Wienk

Klepsydra Instrument, 2009
Porcelain water clock – instrument
Korzo Theater – dance work

Klepsydra Sculptures, 2009
Porcelain/ rain floating boats, Water tubes, found object metal and stone, wire strings  – sculptutral site specific instruments
Laughing Waters artist residency – exhibition and interactive performance

PUUR, 2008
Percussion Harp – instrument
Korzo Theater – dance work

Uisce, 2007
score/ artpiece and performance work
Inishlacked artist residency

Eclipsed Vision, 2006
Neverending song for everyone
score/ artpiece and performance work
Bundanon artist residency

Sensitive Spot, 2005
instrumental score/ artpiece and performance work
Modelo 62 | TAG for massed instruments in a space/ or massed pianos

Sound Waves, 2001
Sound Sculpture – collaboration with artist Jade Oakley
Noosa Floating Land Festival

Empty, 2001
Interactive sound and sculpture installation
Canberra Contemporary Art Space
Australian Centre for Arts and Technology
Australian National University
Honours Major Work

Sentience, 2000
Sound and video installation collaboration with artist Ronald Aveling
Australian Centre for Arts and Technology

Colpo d’arco, 1997
Wooden score with a melody written in plainchant with square note-heads that were paintings, with a large painting of a tree-scape.
HSC ArtExpress, exhibited at David Jones