Heide Midzomer (2020) – BlackPencil

Heide Midzomer

In recent years I have been thinking deeply about the cultural connection to land through ancestral heritage. This is something that I think about as a result of considering my identity as a non-indigenous Australian. An important part of indigenous culture is a connection to ancestry which is inseparable from land. I question which land I myself belong to. This took me on a long walking route through the Celtic and Roman trade routes of The Netherlands, Southern England, Wales and Ireland where I find common cultural connections. Upon visiting the Heide in The Netherlands this summer, the landscape to which my own ancestors are attached, I wondered about the traditions that they upheld and the music that they would have made. Music was connected to festivities, worship and dance. I see remnants of these traditions kept in countryside towns and villages in The Netherlands and southern England and I construct my own imagination of what their music may have sounded like.