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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Kate Moore – Composer, performer, sound artist

_MG_8491©Johan Nieuwenhuize©2013 Foto Johan Nieuwenhuize 2

Kate Moore is a composer, performer and sound artist. She creates worlds of sound for acoustic and electroacoustic media and writes instrumental music, concert music and builds her own instruments, sound sculptures and sound installations. Moore specialises in creating surprising performance scenarios that feature virtuosic instrumentalists and musicians set amidst unusual and alternative performance circumstances.

2013 Ph.D. The Sydney Conservatoium of Music, University of Sydney, Australia
2004 M.A. (2de fase) Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag, Netherlands
2001 B.MUS (1st class honours) Canberra School of Music/ The Australian Center for Arts and Technology/  Australian National University, Australia
1997 H.S.C Ravenswood, Sydney

2015 Tanglewood Music Centre
2012 MacDowell Colony
2007 Bang on a Can Summer Institute
2003 Apeldoorn International Masterclass Series
2003 Apeldoorn Young Composer Meeting
2001 Paris Conservatoire


2017 Composition teacher/ mentor, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia
2016 Guest teacher, lecturer Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag Netherlands
2016 University of Southern California, LA, USA
2016 Monash University, Melbourne
2015 Australian National University, School of Music, Australia
2015 West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan, Perth, Australia
2015 Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, Australia
2014 Chapman University California, USA
2014 Pomona College California, USA
2014 Peabody Conservatory (Johns Hopkins University) Baltimore, USA
2011 New York University, USA
2010 The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia
2008 Sichuan Conservatorium of Music Chengdu, China
2008 International Conference Women’s Music, Beijing Conservatorium, China


2017 Civitella Ranieri Italy
2017 Yaddo America
2015 EKWC (European Ceramic Workshop)
2015 The Canberra International Festival of Music, Australia
2015 Bundanon Artist-in-residence Australia
2014 Piano Spheres, California, United States
2014 November Music, Netherlands
2014 Bogliasco Foundation, Italy
2012-13 Dakota Theater, Netherlands
2012 MacDowell Colony, United States
2012 Montsalvat, Australia
2009 Laughing Waters, Australia
2008 Sichuan Conservatorium, Chengdu, China
2007 Bang on a Can Summer Festival, United States
2007 Inishlacken, Ireland
2006 Bundanon, Australia
2003 Apeldoorn International Masterclass Series, Netherlands
2003 Apeldoorn Young Composer Meeting, Netherlands
2001 Conservatoire National Superieur de musique et de danse
2001 Floating Land Festival, Noosa, Australia

Notable CD releases

2017 Herz, Trio Stolz, Villa Stolz
2016 Stories for Ocean Shells, Ashley Bathgate, Cantaloupe
2016 Sliabh Beagh, The Stone People, Lisa Moore, Cantaloupe
2014 Dances and Canons, Saskia Lankhoorn, ECM New Series
2014 House of Shards and Shadows, Susie Tell Me A Story, Susanna Borsch, Karnatic Lab Records
2012 Broken Rosary, Close your eyes and I’ll close mine, Anna McMichael & Tamara Cislowska, Tall Poppies
2012 Ridgeway, Big Beautiful Dark Scary, Bang on a Can All-Stars, Cantaloupe
2012 Debris & Alchemy, Ensemble Klang, Ensemble Klang Records
2010 The Open Road, The Open Road Ensemble, self-release

Awards and prizes

2017 Matthijs Vermeulenprijs
2015 The William and Mary Greve Foundation John J. Tommaney Fellowship Tanglewood
2012 The Hague Toptalent, Netherlands
2012 Norton Stevens Fellowship MacDowell, United States
2010 De Komeet Culture Prize, Netherlands
2008-12 Dorris Burnett-Ford Scholarship University of Sydney, Australia
2010 The Carlsbad Festival of Music composer prize, United States
2003 Apeldoorn Young Composer Award, Netherlands
2001 Australian National University Medal, Australia
2001 ANU Honours Scholarship, Australia
2000 Franco-Australian Composition Competition, Australia
1998-2001 Howard-Allen Memorial Prize, Australia
1997 Artexpress, Australia


2017 International Rostrum of composers for Fern
2015 Grammy for Dances and Canons
2015 Eddison for Dances and Canons


2013 The Point of Origin, Six Essays on Six Pieces, Ph.D. thesis, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Library, University of Sydney


2012/13 Handmade Homegrown Concert Series, Theater Dakota, The Hague, Netherlands


The Australian Music Centre

Major Tours

2015-2016 Seele Herz dance cycle | Leine Roebana Dance Company | Netherlands
2015 Paradise Lost | Samir Calixto Dance Company | Korzo Theater | International
2014-2016 Dances and Canons | piano/ electroacoustic environment | performed by Saskia Lankhoorn (piano) and Clare Gallagher (sound) – album release tour | International
2015-2016 Stories for Ocean Shells | cello/ electroacoustic | performed by Ashley Bathgate – album release tour | International
2010 The Open Road Music theater (reprise) dir. Matthias Mooij | Netherlands
2008 The Open Road Music theater dir. Matthias Mooij | Netherlands
2008 PUUR dance work chor. Neel Verdoorn
2007 De Stad theater dir. Matthias Mooij | Netherlands

Dance (selected)

2016 Herz, Netherlands tour, LeineRoebana Dance Company, Stolz Quartet, NL
2015 Paradise Lost/ No man’s Land, Samir Calixto, Korzo Theater
2008 Puur, Neel Verdoorn, Korzo Theater

Concert (selected)

2015 Synaesthesia Suite, Joe Puglia/ Asko Schonberg, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t Ij, Amsterdam
2015 The Dam (world Premiere) Bach’s Universe, Fitter’s Workshop, International Festival of Music, Canberra, ACT
2014 Dances and Canons, Album Release, ECM New Series, Sounds of Music Festival, Groningen, Netherlands and November Music ‘s Hertogenbosch
2014 Days and Nature Philharmonie Zuidnederland, November Music, s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
2014 Bloodmoon October, Aron Kallay (piano) Kate Moore (electronics), Piano Spheres, RedCat, Los Angeles
2014 Cello Concerto (world premiere), Ashley Bathgate, ASKO|Schoenberg, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, Netherlands – featuring sound machines by Peter van Loon, electronics and porcelain inturments
2014 The Art of Levitation, Alarm Will Sound, Carnegie Hall, United States – featuring electronics
2014 Oil Drums, Decibel, After Julia, Eugene Goossens Hall, Sydney, Australia – featuring electronics
2014 Fern, Slagwerk Den Haag/ Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t Ij, Amserdam, Netherlands – featuring electronics
2014 Days and Nature The Made Festival, Umea, Sweden
2014 101 , Ensemble Klang, The Holland Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013 Ridgeway, Bang on a Can All-Stars, Sydney Opera House , Australia
2012 Violins and Skeletons, The Calder Quartet, Korzo Theater, The Hague, Netherlands – featuring quadraphonic tracks
2012 Sensitive Spot, Saskia Lankhoorn, AAA Concert Series Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands – octaphonic track
2011 101, Sonic Festival NY, United States
2010 Sensitive Spot, Zubin Kanga, ISCM World Music Days – Sydney,  Australia
2010 Violins and Skeletons, Carlsbad festival of Music CA, United States
2010 Rain Project, performance installations for voices and percussion, winner De Kommeet Culture Prize, The Hague, Netherlands
2009 Ridgeway, Bang on a Can All-Stars, People’s Commissioning Fund, Kauffman Center, United States
2009 Sensitive Spot, Stephen Gosling, MATA Festival, United States
2008 PUUR (dancework), Juan Martinez, Korzo Theater, The Hague Netherlands
2008 The Open Road (Music Theater) directed by Matthias Mooij, The Korzo, The Hague, Netherlands
2007 De Stad (Music Theater) directed by Matthias Mooij, performed by Saskia Lankhoorn, Korzo, The Hague, Netherlands
2001 Sketches of Stars Ensemble Syntonia, Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris, France
2001 Sketches of Stars Ensemble Syntonia, Du Theatre Des Bouffes du Nord, Paris, France

Theater (selected)

2010 The Open Road, dir. Matthias Mooij, The Open Road Ensemble
2008 The Open Road, dir. Matthias Mooij, The Open Road Ensemble
2007 De Stad, dir. Matthias Mooij, Saskia Lankhoorn/ Joa Hug

Installation/ site-specific performance (selected)

2015 Portrait concert, Sounds on Site, Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra International Music Festival, ACT
2014 Bone China, sound installation/ sculpture, Willem II Fabriek, November Music, Den Bosch, NL
2007 Uisce, Installation, Galway Arts Centre, Ireland
2001 Empty Space, sound installation, Canberra Art Space, Australia
2000 Sentience, Sound installation, Gorman House Arts Centre, Australia


i-land/ atmoscape, interactive cinema, dir. Dennis del Favero, icinema, Australia
Scenario, interactive cinema, dir. Dennis del Favero, Icinema, The Sydney Film Festival, Australia http://icinema.edu.au/projects/scenario/credits/
Cassandra, http://icinema.edu.au/projects/cassandra/credits/
Firewall http://icinema.edu.au/projects/firewall/credits/
Deep Heat, http://icinema.edu.au/projects/dead-heat/credits/
Deep Sleep, dir Dennis del Favero, icinema, Australia http://icinema.edu.au/projects/deep-sleep/credits/
Limbo, dir. Dennis del Favero, icinema, UNSW, Australia http://icinema.edu.au/projects/limbo/credits/
Todtnauberg http://icinema.edu.au/projects/todtnauberg/credits/
Descartes http://icinema.edu.au/projects/descartes/credits/

Electroacoustic (selected)

2016 Bestiary | piano and electronics | performed by Zubin Kanga | Abelton Live
2015 Voiceworks I | stereo track | icinema UNSW | Protools
2015 Voiceworks II | stereo track | icinema UNSW | Protools
2014 Synaesthesia Suite | solo violin and electronics | performed by Joe Puglia | MAXmsp/ Abelton Live
2014 Bloodmoon October | piano and electronics | performed by Aron Kallay | MAXmsp
2013 Fern | ensemble and electronics | MAXmsp/ Abelton Live
2013 The Art of Levitation | Orchestra and electronics | MAXmsp/ Abelton Live
2006 Sensitive Spot | Piano and Octaphonic sound | performed by Saskia Lankhoorn | straight recordings
2001 Satellites | Australian Center for Arts and Technology | interactive | MAXmsp
2001 Empty Space | Australian Center for Arts and Technology |MAXmsp / protools| stereo track | protools
2000 Sentience | | Australian Center for Arts and Technology | Stereo Track | Protools
1999 Sand | | Australian Center for Arts and Technology | stereo track | protools

Notable Commissions

2016 Sacred Environment Oratorio, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and Groot Omroep Choir, commissioned by The Holland Festival
2016 Porcelain, performance installation, commissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag
2015 Herz Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten NL for Stolz Quartet/ Leine Roebana
2015 The Dam Commissioned by Betty Beaver for The Canberra International Music Festival
2015 For Elyse Commisisoned by the National Carillon Canberra for Lyn Fuller and Kate Moore
2014 Cello Concerto Commissioned by Föreningen Kammarmusik NU, FPK NL, APRA
2014 Bone China Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten NL for November Music
2014 Sliabh Beagh, Little House, Commissioned by The Australia Council for The Arts for Lisa Moore
2014 Synaesthesia Suite Commissioned by The Ben Remkes Foundation
2014 Heather Commissioned by Julian Burnside QC
2014 Oil Drums Commissioned by Decibel with financial support from The Australia Council for The Arts
2013 Bloodmoon October Commissioned by Piano Spheres for Aron Kallay
2014 The Art of Levitation Commissioned by Carnegie Hall for Alarm Will Sound
2013 Fern Commissioned by The Australia Council for The Arts for Ensemble Offspring
2013 House of Shards and Shadows Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten for Susanna Borsch
2012 Days and Nature Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten for Asko | Schoenberg Ensemble
2011 Velvet Commissioned by The Australia Council for The Arts for TwoSense
2011 No Man’s Land Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten for The Amsterdam Cello Octet
2011 Pelicans Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten for Trio Scordatura
2011 The body is an ear Commissioned by Orgelpark for Una Cintina
2011 Fatal Strangers Commissioned by The United Instruments of Lucilin for Lucilin
2010 Violins and Skeletons, Co-Commissioned by ArtPwr and The Carlsbad Festival of Music for The Calder Quartet
2009 Ridgeway, Commissioned by The People’s Commissioning Fund for The Bang on a Can All-Stars
2009 Debris and Alchemy Commissioned by The Orgelpark for Ensemble Klang,
2009 Klepsydra Commissioned by Fond Podiumkunsten for Asko|Schoenberg Ensemble,
2000 Sketches of Stars, Co-Commissioned by ANU and National Conservatoire Paris for Ensemble Syntonia

Other skills

Cello/ electric cello performance
Piano/ keyboard skills
Recording techniques
Harmony, counterpoint and ear training
Notation/ graphic notation
Drawing and design
Languages other than English include advanced level Dutch and beginners level of French, German and Italian

Software setup

Abelton live
Logic Pro

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