chamber ensemble

The Mother | violin, percussion and track, 2020
From ‘Bloodwood Series’
commissioned by APRA Art Music Fund
For Anna McMichael and Louise Devenish
Violin, Percussion and stereo track

Cicada Song (2020)
Female Vocal Ensemble
Commissioned by Johanette Zomer
Dur: 3′

Psalm 3 (2019)
Vocal Ensemble
Commissioned by The Adelaide Festival
Performed by Nederlands Kamerkoor
Dur: 3′

Cicadidae (2019)
String Quartet
Commissioned by The Australian String Quartet

Blackbird Song (2018)
Commissioned by Ensemble Offspring
Trio for Bass flute, Bass clarinet, Vibraphone
Duration 8′

Saint John Song (2018)
Commissioned by Temko
Trio for Guitar, Bass Guitar and Vibraphone, Track
Terry Riley tuning
Duration 15′

Lucia in the Forest (2018)
Commissioned by Bach Festival Dordrecht
Brass Ensemble and Organ
Duration 20′

Porcelain (2017)
Commissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag
5 percussionists, water-pipes/ recorders, electronics
New instruments and sound sculpture
Performance installation/ cycle
Duration 60′

Bushranger Psychodrama (2017)
Co-commissioned by November music, Symphony Space, Dublin Concert Hall
Performed by Iarla O’lionard, Quartetto Maurice, Meiyi Lee
Voice, String Quartet and Percussion

Restraint(s) (2017)
Commissioned by Ken Unsworth
Dance Cycle
Instrumentation: Violin, Cello, Bass, Harp, Percussion
Stroming (II) 
The Boxer 
Spel III (Arrangement)
Song of Ropes
Way of the Dead

Stroming, 2017
Commissioned by BRISK
Recorder Quartet

Herz (dance cycle), 2015-16
Commissioned by the Stolz Trio & Leina Roebana with assistance from Fonds Podiumkunsten NL; instrumentation: cor anglais, violin/ viola, cello
Telephone (2014) cor anglais, violin
(2016) viola, cello
Lidy’s Piece (2015) solo cello
Dance (2015) cor anglais, cello
Tarantella (2016) solo viola
Dolorosa (2014) Violin, Cello, Electronic track
Sadness (2015) violin, cello
Dies Irae (2015) cor anglais, violin, cello
The Herb Garden (2015) cor anglais, violin, cello
The Apple Tree (2015) cor anglais, violin, cello

Three Letters, 2015
Letter One for violin and viola dur: 3′
Letter Two for clarinet and cello dur: 3’30
Letter Three for violin and piano dur: 4’30
Tanglewood Music Centre

One Minute According to Your Heart (2015)
Commissioned by Synergy Percussion 40U40
Instrumentation: Mudflute Quartet and electornics
Dur: 1′

Oil Drum, 2014
Commissioned by Decibel
a.fl, s.sax, vla, vc, perc., electroacoustic duration: 08’30”

Mobile & Sculpture, 2013
Commissioned by Nieuw Ensemble
Medium Ensemble, Electroacoustic + sound sculpture, duration: 12’00”

Fern, 2013
Co-commissioned by The Australia Council for The Arts and Amsterdam Sinfonietta & Slagwerk Den Haag performed by Ensemble Offspring, Amsterdam Sinfonietta and Slagwerk Den Haag
Version one: alto flute, bass clarinet, 2xpercussion, track
Version two: string ensemble, 5xpercussion, track
duration: 12’00”

House of Shards and Shadows, 2013
Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten for Susanna Borsch
nine bass recorders, duration: 12’00”

Sarabande, 2013
Commissioned by Synergy Percussion
Three Jaltarang (Percussion Trio): 09’00”

Sphinx, 2013
Commissioned by The Amsterdam Cello Octet
double cello octet, duration: 12’00”

Pelicans, 2011
Commissioned by Trio Scordatura with assistnace from FPK
violin voice keyboard, duration: 20’00”

Fatal Strangers, 2011
Commissioned by Ensemble Lucilin
Electric Quartet, duration: 20’00”

No man’s Land, 2011
Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten for Musica Sacra
Electric Quartet, duration: 30’00”

Violins & Skeletons, 2010
Co-Commissioned by The Carlsbad Festival of Music and ARTPWR for The Calder Quartet
4xstring quartet, duration: 60’00”

Velvet (2009)
solo cello and cello octet
Dur: 13′

Ridgeway, 2009
Commissioned by The People’s Commissioning Fund at Bang on a Can for The Bang on a Can All-Stars
amplified ensemble, duration: 13’00”

The Open Road (2008) Song Cycle
We Must Not Stop Here
Whoever you are come travel with me
Whoever you are come forth
We Will Sail
Spin Bird
Mystic Trumpeter
The is before us/ You flagg’d walks
I will be honest with you
They too are on the road
The open road
To that which is endless
Commissioned by The Korzo Theater
Instrumentation: voice, harp, trumpet, organ
Words by Walt Whitman
Dur: 60′

Uisce, 2007
Written for MODART07
Vocal Ensemble, duration: 17’00”

Antechamber, 2007
The Bang on a Can All-Stars summer festival MassMoCA
amplified quartet: piano, keyboard, vibraphone, marimba and samples,
duration: 13’00”

The Regarding Room (2005)
Performed by Ensemble Klang
duration: 22’00”

101, 2003
Written for Ensemble Klang
Trombone, Alto sax, Sop. sax, Bass guitar, Piano, Perc.; duration: 12’00”

Sketches of Stars, 2000
Winner: Franco-Australian Composition Competition
string quartet, duration: 20’00”

Stories for Ocean Shells, 2000
Commissioned by ASCA
7xcello + bass, duration: 12’00”