Cassini (2017)

Cassini is a sound sculpture made to honour the passing of the Cassini probe in Saturn’s atmosphere. Cassini took images of the rings of Saturn that were revealed to be an infinitesimal array of thousands of shards of glistening minerals suspended in Saturn’s atmosphere. The rings glisten as they reflect the Sun’s rays and appear as delicate and fragile as the fine white surface of porcelain. Comprised of hundreds of shards of broken pieces of porcelain and clay, the pieces of the Cassini sculpture gently sway and tap each other to create a very soft and subtle gentle sound sculpture so sensitive that it moves with the slightest fluctuation in the air. This sculpture was created at EKWC (European Keramiek Werk Center) in Oisterwijk and is incorporated into the performance “Porcelain” by Slagwerk Den Haag in the Netherlands. The sculpture was realised and first exhibited at Civitella Ranieri in Umbria Italy.