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Kate Moore – composer

_MG_8491©Johan Nieuwenhuize©2013 Foto Johan Nieuwenhuize 2“My work is engaged with what lies beneath the surface. By unearthing elaborate, intricate, underlying structural possibilities and buried architecture, my aim is to build complexity embedded below the immediate aural impression. In a similar mode I am interested in the way tectonic forces act upon a surface where the subtle collision of energies push and pull against each other resulting in rippling, swirling and vibrating vivid soundscapes that are always changing.” (Kate Moore, 2013)

Kate Moore is a composer of new music. She creates worlds of sound for acoustic and electroacoustic media and writes instrumental music, concert music, sound installations and more. Her interests lie in research with particular respect to the history and origin of music and musical instruments and the exploration of sonic architecture, acoustics and the physics and psychoacoustics of sound. Moore specialises in creating surprising performance scenarios that feature virtuosic instrumentalists and musicians set amidst unusual and alternative performance circumstances. Her work has been described as “a giant tsunami of sound” New York Times,  “a fascinating exercise in micro- and macro- rhythm” Sydney Morning Herald, “from the haze she creates, graceful, ambling melodies emerge and evaporate, and those give the music its allure.” New York Times, “her intent seems to be to create a dream, an alternative reality” UT San Diego.

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